Synonyms to “I Love You”

There are a TON of ways to say “I love you” without actually, well, saying in.

For example, when David let’s me pick out the movie we’re gonna watch or notices my new nail art… I fall harder. When I make him his favorite dessert or give him foot rubs… I win mayor point.

POLL: How do you express love? Be as specific as you’d like.

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  1. Lilla (age 7) says I show that I love her by reading books, going for a vegan hamburger with sweet potato french fries, printing coloring sheets, and buying Prismacolor Pencils (but NOT the cheapy scholar ones – those were not loved). And massaging + scratching her back. 🙂

    1. www that is soooo sweet. Oli loves when I read books to her too. More so than watching a movie together. You are such a good momma. Will dig into the Primacolor Pencils, sounds like an awesome bonding experience.

  2. Baking cookies, sending “thinking of you” cards, going to doctors visits with family & friends, remembering birthdays, snuggling on the couch with my husband, and setting time for family outings and vacations 💞

  3. I love you videos. Do you seriously have a recipe for Keto Chocolate Mousse? I say I love you by doing things for people

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