The Campfire or The Call Center?

A lot of people ask me, “But Mayi I’m looking for capital, I’m looking for media coverage, I’m looking for more fans, more likes, more subscribers, more buyers.

My answer: Stop looking. Stop shouting. Stop begging. Instead, start collecting wood. Start lighting a fire. Start telling tales. People will find you. They will stay for hot cocoa + marshmallows. And if they had a good time, they will come back, multiplied, with their friends.

That’s how you build a brand.

Click play to learn more (including why Olaf is everyone’s favorite character.)

There are brands whose stories end with hard periods. You can’t find a contact form on their site unless you’re an astrophysicist. And don’t expect a reply when you leave a comment on their blog or social media. Their CEOs build tall walls. They set up donotreply@ email addresses.

And then there are brands who have stories that bring the right people closer together. Stories that make you go, “Me too!!” + “How did you know?” + “I hate that too!!!”. They wrap all their posts with an invitation to camp around. Make S’mores. Tell YOUR story. And Kumbaya-along.

Which one are you? Is your brand a campfire or a computer operated call center?


  1. I love how sweet you are! you speak straight to my heart. I am so thankful for your video, telling me I can be myself, and for offering us your words of wisdom.

  2. I made Memorable with you and Jackie! You are great Mayi!!! Beautiful crazy woman!!! I´m about launching my website and your advice, right now, me vino como anillo al dedo!!! (translate yourself). Lot of kisses from Argentina!

  3. Oooof…I don’t want to be a computer operated call center.

    Thanks so much for this video! I’m trying to tell more stories, so I’m making progress…still have room to grow, though.

  4. You crack me up sista! And I’m so glad you know Kumbaya! People always look at me soooo weird when I sing that song! Bahahhaha!

  5. Yes, yes, yes! Girl, you always have perfect timing with your advice, and I’m always laughing by the end of your videos! Thanks for the reminder that stories are what’s important.

  6. I want a campfire, not a call center! This is a good reminder of the direction my editorial calendar should be headed. Also, I love the color of that dress!

  7. Excellent analogy, Mayi.

    People respond to people. People don’t respond to scripted prompts.

    As Brene Brown says, though, people need to earn the right to hear your stories. So for some people, that may present a dilemma in deciding what to share and what not to share. In the end, though, people are interested in you when you are interested in them. If you talk about you all the time, it becomes a turn-off… and it doesn’t invite others in.

  8. You make my heart smile Mayi! I look forward to your videos every week. You are like a ray of sunshine and the world needs more people like you in it. 😊

  9. I loved the metaphor!!! I absolutely agree.
    I was meant to launch ages ago, and then all sorts of problems happened. I tried really hard to keep the facade up: “my products will be out soon”, “we’re getting ready to launch” and bla bla bla. But, once it was clear it wouldn’t happen any soon, I decided to start sharing my story, struggles, hopes and thoughts. My love for little things, because the big pictures sucked and those were all I had. And, despite if felt embarrassing and like a failure at the beginning, I found my voice, and a loving public to tell my stories to.
    My launch hasn’t happened yet, but I’m officially in business. My products aren’t out yet, but my clients are really happy with the services I offer, and who I am. We connect on a personal level and that’s fantastic. Apparently I’m not that bad at making cocoa for guests. ♡ 🙂

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