The Cycle of Writing a Sales Page

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No matter how many years I’ve been in business, writing a sales page has always been BRUTAL. A crazy roller coaster ride of multiple personality types all attempting to do the seemingly imposible: Get your idea out into the world.

Watch this video if you wanna see an actual footage of my process.

How has your experience been life writing a sales page? Tell me in the comments.

Video: @visufilmspty 
Make Up: @vickymaduromakeup


  1. Happy New Year!
    I always struggle writing sales page. I’m never sure quite where to add the photos. How many times do I have a call to action button? Do I bold this area or that area? Am I conveying the problems and solution I have? Have I typed too much, or not enough? It’s EXHAUSTING!
    AND….. There’s few people that can help you with it!

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