The Dark Side of Making A Living Online

Let’s talk about the dark side of making a living online.

By the way, I really wanted to post this on May the 4 be With You, but instead I made Sweet Potato Squash and Black Bean Enchiladas. In preparation for Cinco de Mayo, ya’ know? Which is totally not a Panamanian fiesta, but unless you’re the Avocado Police, who cares, right?

Today I wanna talk about one of the unexpected side effects of making a living using that great + big + free thing called The Internet. 

Click play to see why doing biz on the webs it ain’t always as shiny as it looks.

The internet is weird, isn’t it? But we love it anyways, don’t we?

What are some of the unexpected side effects from doing business online? The good. The bad. Whatever you want to share. I’ll take it 🙂


  1. Awwwwww I’m Internet famous now!!! Woot! <3

    Also, I might steal…. those sweet dance moves.

    Just kidding, I can't dance, lol!! I've ALWAYS wanted to learn though!!!

  2. Aw! Best side effect of working online is definitely working with amazing women from every part of our world (like Mayi).

    The quirky, varied, hilarious, loving, creative and brilliant world! The whole thing is just filled with the kinds of people you just *have* to work with. The ones who totally get you and your mission and your style and your quirky, varied, hilarious, loving, creative and brilliant self. They are all out there waiting for you, and when you meet, it’s stinkin’ fireworks.


  3. Yay! I’m soooo glad that I get to work with you, Mayi! Not only are you fun to work with, but you’re constantly inspiring and encouraging me. It’s a win, win, win.

  4. Since I decided to quit my office job I met so many heartwarming people on the internet. I haven’t met most of them in real life (yet), but they inspire me, they support me, they make me laugh! Together we can raise each other, and internet makes it possible even when we work from home e feel a bit isolated. That’s some magic, right?
    Thanks for your videos. I got to your blog through April and love it! ♡

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