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So pumped to share with you some pictures + even a short clip of the Life is Messy Kitchen Book Launch Party. I know not all of you could tele-transport to Panama to attend, so I tried to document the event to the best of my abilities to show you a glimpse of what went down. I hope it makes you feel like a little part of you was there.








From the very beginning I knew I wanted this to be a kids-friendly event, so I set up a coloring book table to keep them entertained + of course brought in helium balloons, cuz a party without balloons is really just a meeting.

(Everyone who purchased the Life is Messy Kitchen – The BIG Bundle, has access to all these exclusive coloring book pages you see featured in these pictures)









Mom now jokingly calls me “J.K.” She’s still pretty psyched about the amount of people that showed up the party + stood in line to get their books autographs + take a picture with me. I still can’t believe it. For three hours, it truly felt like I was the coolest Disney ride in the block. That was a moment.




Mayi LIMK Premiere Film Stills 28


Everyone tried to convince me to hire out a catering company, specially being 7-months pregnant n’ all. I didn’t listen. Up to this point I had only cooked for my family + small gatherings with close friends, which was a blessing because I didn’t realize what I had gotten myself into, until it was too late for Plan B.


I couldn’t picture serving fried empanadas at my event or Coke. First, you gotta strap me to my bed before I feed my army with crap. Luckily, it didn’t have to come to that.

With the help of my friend + extraordinary chef, Carolina Garcia, we feed more than 250 people that day with nourishing recipes from the book. Here’s what we made:

  • Lentil Quinoa Salad with Raw Vegetables
  • Kung Fu Fighter Sushi with Seasonal Veggies and Tamarin Sauce
  • Banana and Dark Chocolate Granola
  • Heartmade Granola Parfaits with Greek Yogurt and Fresh Berries
  • Mapled Pecans with Rosemary and Orange Zest
  • Peanut Butter Cups
  • Cashew Blueberry Bars
  • Thumbprint Coconut Cookies with Mixed Berries Jam and Pistachios
  • Clean Nutella Spread
  • Pistachios Butter served with Whole Wheat Toast

And dad (aka Mr. Life Blends) supplied the beverages:

  • Calypso Royale
  • Vineyard Delight
  • Hazelnut Milk

Of course, all these recipes can be found inside the book so you can make them too!





Mayi LIMK Premiere Film Stills 20

Sarah Tyler




Mayi LIMK Premiere Film Stills 1  Mayi LIMK Premiere Film Stills 23

Mayi LIMK Premiere Film Stills 26

 Mayi LIMK Premiere Film Stills 14

Mayi LIMK Premiere Film Stills 34

Mayi LIMK Premiere Film Stills 15


Mayi LIMK Premiere Film Stills 36



Mayi LIMK Premiere Film Stills 8


LIMK Outside

And here’s a little teaser of the mini movie that’s coming. To watch, click play!



I’m eternally grateful to:

  • Tere + Alessa + Emily from Uber Shop for making me feel at home + being the world’s most amazing party hosts.
  • Susy Aramburú + Sarah Tyler for documenting the event, so one day I can show Olivia what mom did.
  • Truenos y Relampagos + Mairena for killing it with the music.
  • Helga from 4Bistro for helping me decorate the party. This preggo lady could have never done it without you.
  • Chef Carolina Garcia + La Cocina de Sofy for helping me feed 250 attendees.
  • Boutique Flowers for taking my “flower colada” concept to a whole new level of awesome.
  • Studio Marroquin for making me feel pretty.
  • Life Blends for providing my guests with the best juices in the world. They are!
  • Felipe Motta for supplying us with organic wine. Unfortunately, I couldn’t try it, but I hear it was exquisite.
  • My mom + my Suegris for making sure people were feed + everything looked as I had envisioned in my Pinterest board.
  • My wonderful + very patient husband who deserves a Nobel Peace Prize, for packing + unpacking all my crazy party props, including forty helium balloons he somehow managed to fit inside his car, and for entertaining everyone who walked through the door with all the behind the scenes stories of how the book came to be.
  • Everyone who came + to all of you who couldn’t make it, but I know where there in spirit. I felt it, your unconditional love + support. All of it.

Thank YOU is not a big enough thing to say to express my gratitude right now. I can’t high five you high enough or hug you tight enough to show you how much I appreciate you. My little book threw a party + you showed up for me, both physically + metaphysically. You are AWESOME!!!

Now comes the part I’ve been a little shy about, but it’s time.

I Need Your Help

So here’s the deal. I’m not even gonna try to play it cool. Pretend that making this book was easy breeze. That the funds poured in. That I executed the project in record time + under budget. That I got a sweet deal on Shark Tank. That Ellen’s people called.

The truth is Life is Messy Kitchen was a ku-raaaa-zy labor intensive passion project. It took 17-months to make from start to finish + a team of incredible human beings to execute + all my life’s savings to self-fund, in full.

I feel blessed the book is DONE + far more magical than I had imagined it in my dreams, but the work is far from over. I really REALLY need your help. My growing baby belly doesn’t allow me to jump on planes anymore + do a global book tour or knock on Oprah’s door, but maybe, I’m hoping, there is still plenty we can do, together.

Here’s what I have in mind:

  • I’m looking to partner with some cool boutiques + indie shops. Is that you? Do you own a cute store? Wanna be a LIMK retailer + make money together? E-mail me at + I’ll send you all the details.
  • I’m also hoping to play in the big leagues with the folks of Whole Foods + West Elm + Barnes & Noble + William Sonoma + Anthropologie. I’m not embarrassed to admit it out loud anymore. That’s where I want to see this book displayed. So if you know someone who knows someone who could get the book in front of the right people, could you please send me their contact info or tell them to write me at
  • I envision mom’s + aunties + best friends + companies purchasing multiple copies of the book to giveaway to their peeps. As a birthday present. As a wedding gift. As a fundraiser favor for VIP donors. Interested? E-mail me at + I’ll send you my special rates for bulk orders.
  • Or why not treat yo’ self? Get yourself a copy at Your purchase helps keep this creative little empire alive.

With your help, I know we can get this lil’ book into Oprah’s Favorite Things list or the Ellen show. I know it. If you’ve seen the book, I know, deep down, you know it totally possible too. This book is so special. It deserves a chance.

I can’t wait to get all these book orders into your hands. Into your homes. Into your kitchens.

It’s that simple.

Next week, I will pick a winner. You just may get lucky. Someone has to, why not let it be you? The lucky winner will get a free autographed copy of Life is Messy Kitchen. Yay!




Photos: Susana Aramburú
Video Stills: Sarah Tyler 


  1. Hi, Mayi! Espero n haya ningún problema por escribir en español. Me encantó tu fiesta, me parece que estuvo buenísima y muy linda. Me siento muy contenta por ti, estoy segura de que tu libro llegará a ser un favorito de Oprah! 😉 3 de los proyectos que vi en tus fotos son: 1, Las etiquetitas en negro de los postres, 2, Las piñas naturales con las flores, y 3, Las tiras de banderitas 😉

  2. Mayi, when my LIMK cookbook comes in I’ll have to take it show & tell around town. We have some pretty quirky awesome shops around that NEED your cookbook in stock. 🙂

  3. Bee You Tea FULL!!!

    You did it! I love those images of you signing your book – YOUR BOOK, mama!

    I can’t wait to see this beautiful story keeping on and on and on 🙂


  4. I wish I was there!!! everything looked soooooo amazing and delicious! you didi not let go any detail at all! even a fun DJ for cool music! what an incredible story you already have for baby Olivia! she is already very proud of her Mami! Looking forward to have my copy in my hands!
    Un abrazote! Karen

  5. Hola Mayi,

    Todo te quedo súper original!!!! te felicito!!!! entre tus proyectos lo que veo es que harás 1.dibujos para ninos!! para colorear!!! 2. los helados en papel, tal vez harás temas para fiestas 3. Para marca paginas, dibujos con tema de comida…

    Suerte y hasta pronto!!

  6. ok so I found 3 diy projects: the pinatas hanging, the mason jars with tags, and the lettering signs for the granola.
    I’m already subscribed to your mailing list, and I just tweeted about this giveaway!
    Thank you and best of luck!

  7. everything is soooooo beautiful and colorful!
    i wish i was there!!! <3
    the diy crafts i see, pineapple flower vases, flags garland, fabric ice cream cones, pots with painted-stones-cactus! all very very cute and pretty! 😉 xxxxxxxxxx

  8. Hi Mayi!

    Love you and your blog! Congrats on the book launch. It looks and sounds like it was a huge success! The three crafty projects that stood out to me were the triangle banners, the personalized wooden blocks, and the flower vases/displays. Really cute stuff! The recipes sound amazing, b the way! 😀

  9. Looks like so much fun! Congrats! This is truly a huge accomplishment! Everything looked so beautiful and happy in the pictures. The three DIY projects I noticed were the hanging ice cream cones, the garlands and painted rocks in tin container. So fun! Will share the giveaway on a couple of social media sites to help you get the word out. :0)

  10. Dear Mayi, HUGE congratulations on a fabulous book and on your pregnancy. You must be in such a high right now!! And it’s so well-deserved, little Olivia is so lucky to have a mother like you.

    The first thing that jumped to me in the photos were the flower arrangements inside the pineapples! That’s genius, especially for a party in the tropics! The ice-cream cone garland is really cute and clever and those wooden cake stands are great too. I also loved the book signing table with its cute sign on the old typewriter, so cute. I couldn’t help thinking that I wished I had had a book launch party too… maybe I could through one next time I’m in Portugal? Anyway, this comment is about you, not me. Congratulations again and you know I’m wishing you all the best!

  11. Hi Mayi, congratulations, the party looks like the best book launch ever out there. The DIY, there are lots, but here are 3: the chalk signs for your goodies, los banderines, the sign that says Book Signing Here, that’s definitely made by you, the coloring pages, the ice cream cones, even the mantel where the hand is with the $58 sign I think the mantel is made by you, is it? anyways, I’ll share it around the web 🙂

  12. Hi Mayi! This looks like so much fun and brimming with love and joy! I’m guessing some of the DYI’s were bunting flags, the flowers in the pineapple vase (in the video) and the little chalkboard signs on the tables. I would share around the web anyway because your cookbook is just so darn unique and creative AND features clean recipe’s too. What’s not to love? Good luck! I’m sure this is just the beginning for this kitchen treasure!

  13. Hola Mayi! Everything was soon nice and it looks delicious too, ok about the DIY´s I see: decorative ice cream cones, little black dessert signs, colorful flags, sauce signs, coloring printable from your book, the pineapple vase, easter eggs, your bookmarks. Congratulations I´ll share this, wish me luck I reeeeally want your book! Kisses from Ecuador. 🙂

  14. I love it! It looks great! Adorable ice-creams hanging from the tree, sweet bunting, cute pen.. ooh lots of things

  15. Hey Mayi! You are an inspiration to us all! Looks like a great party and I can’t believe you did so much of it yourself! I really love that while planning you were thinking of others with your coloring pages for the kids, the handmade labels for the foods, and did you even make the bow ties for the handsome man that was serving? 🙂 What a great idea to serve food that was made from your recipes! I have shared on Facebook and Pinterest – Maybe Ellen or Oprah will see it there! Best wishes!

  16. the pineapple vases are adorable!!!
    Also the flag garlands, the ice cream cones, the flower pen, the tags on the food trays, the coloring pages (isn’t it a brilliant idea??)
    Oops, it’s more then three… 🙂

    Congratulation on your great work! 🙂

  17. Congrats Mayi!! You throw an ahh-mazing party 🙂 I loved all of the beautiful details. it is sooo incredible to see how far you‘ve come+ such a huge inspiration for those of us who are working hard to turn our dreams into reality+who want to work/live on our own terms. i can‘t wait to receive your book-just ordered it!

    ¡un abrazo guapa!

  18. When a book is published in Greece we use to say ” bon voyage” for good luck and big big sales!!! So, bon voyage to the best cooking book!!! And what a great party!!!! My true and best wishes for you and your family!!!
    Fingers crossed for the giveaway!!!Ah, i should not foeget the DIYs… printables from the book, bookmarks, pineapple vases, ice cream cones, fabric flags, handwritten signs…!!!

  19. Congrats the book really does look beautiful and the recipes must be delicious! I hope I get lucky this time 🙂
    As for the crafty projects I spotted:

    -ice-cream paper garlands
    -name tags (on chalk pen?) on the granola and lentil-quinoa cups
    -pineapple flower arrangements

    I shared your giveaway on twitter ( and on Facebook as well. I am subscribed to your newsletter (

  20. Hi Mayi,

    Congratulations on such a successful lunch. As a foodie, I would have been honored to have you cook for me. That’s a sign of true hospitality!

    The cookbook is superb!

    So what crafts do I see in your photos and videos?

    Everything is a craft because everything comes from creation.

    Starting with you. 🙂

    Then to your art… like your book, like your pads, your bookmarks, your coloring pages, your knock-your-socks-off cookbook (that has forever redefined what a cookbook is). And this cookbook, which is the most love-infused cookbook evvver does need to make it to Ellen and to Oprah.

    Then nature: your flower /plant vases with a branch here and there, your wooden book holder, your more elaborate flower centerpieces, to the exotic pineapple vases.

    To nature inspired treats: the signs for many of your yummy treats like the banana dark chocolate granola

    And then the highlights-of-life items like the cones… how can you miss them?

    And then there’s Olivia… the force beyond many of your marvelous creations.

    All that you made was “heartmade” therefore, all your preparation for this successful book launch is a craft.

  21. So awesome Mayi! I have always felt like we are friends so I am super excited for you. The pineapples, the ice cream cones, the garland, the chalkboard signs, the tags the centerpieces, the book holder, the coloring pages, even your pen was diy. Awesome and omg you little belly is adorable. Congratulations again!

  22. Hi Mayi!

    Congrats to u, ur book and family! I have being following u on instafram since a while.. ita amazing how u do ur photos, how everything is so cute. Its something very YOU, I love it!
    I start following u cuz I want to create my own business, but i have no idea where to start! And im still thinking what i want to do with life… anyway.
    Good luck! Keep going, u really look amazing, u have that pregnancy glow ♥ hahahha
    Diy projects:
    – fabric ice cream cones
    – black labels or name tags on the food (board and chalk)
    – pineaple flowers
    – the pen?
    – the baby blocks that says ur name if ik.not mistaken,

    Cheers ♡

  23. Congratulations, Mayi! The book launch party looks epic! I think I can spot a handmade book signing sign, and colorful bunting, food tags, illustrated bookmarks and lots of delicious food :). I’m looking to fall in love with cooking, and I’d love for your book to be the one that helps me do it. Going to share the giveaway on Twitter as well!

  24. Beautiful!!!

    Congratulations! This is the universal triumph of love and collaboration 🙂

    I can see many things: the cute garlands, the chalkboard tags for the food and the floral arrangements in a pineapple (wow!)

    Will share on fb and instagram.

    Olivia is a lucky girl!!!

  25. I saw many DIY things, but my favorites were:
    – Decorative ice cream cones;
    – Pineapple tables decoration;
    – Fabric flags (love them!!!)
    Heading to Twitter and IG!
    ~Ivette. xoxo

  26. Hi Mayi! Wow really amazing pictures. You look so happy that is very dificult not to feel it and live it whit you. I be very happy to share tremendous acomplishment in my social media. Congrats, Congrats, congrats, all the best always!
    The first crafty are the nice ice creams, the pineapple florero, book markers.
    Hope to win, I really love every thing you do, is so inspiring. I hope I could have a bit of your entusiasm and comimment…..

  27. That looks like such a fun party! Great job! I especially likes the ice cream cones, book printables and bookmarks, the flower pen,the Flags and the pineapple vase

    Love ya! Anke

  28. Que preciosa presentación hiciste. Y las fotos son tannnn bonitas. Me han encantado los conos de helado, las guirnaldas, los maceteros piña, los botecitos con las etiquetas, … Enhorabuena por este éxito!!
    Un beso

  29. Hi Mayi!

    Just saw that Ellen is looking for ladies that are “Expecting their first child”! Maybe you could go on for that and then tell her your amazing life story along with your cookbook!

    Just looking for opportunities for you!

    1. Are you serioussssss??? I’m so sending my pitch to Ellen right now. If she says yes you’re coming with hehehehehe. Thanks for letting me know. YOU ROCK!!!

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