The Untold Story of The Pseudo Name: Mayi Carles

I think it’s about time you knew…

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Video: @visufilmspty
Make Up: @marilia.sena


  1. My name is Marcela Ileana Garza Sotomayor, at school everyone called me Marcela (even my teachers) or March (mostly my friends) and for my family I’ve always been Ileana or Ili. The funny thing is that whenever a friend or someone from school called home looking for me, they would ask for Marcela, and if my grandma picked up the phone, she would answer “Sorry, you’ve got the wrong number, Marcela doesn’t live here!!!! ” Can you imagine! Jajajaja! It is alwalys fun to remember these stories!. Thanks Mayi.

  2. My name is Natasha Luccia Carles-Novikov – but everyone calls me PITU – even my baby cousin Laura 8 years ago (when I was 23) was astonished to find out my name was never legally PITU. She told me “I always wondered why your parents would name you PITU, so I’m glad it’s just a nickname” hahah it came from “fart” oh well!

  3. I totally understand you! My birth name is Noreen Kay Kindopp. I was named after my grandmother who was given Hanora as her first name but she was always called Noreen. I haaaaatttttteeeed Noreen and so from as long as I can remember I was called Norie ~ probably because she was couldn’t say Noreen and because I refused to answer to it. I changed my name when I turned 18. I think everyone knows deep down who they should be 🙂

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