These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Not every day I feel energetic. Happy hippo. Awesome. Self confident. Overly excited about E-VERY-THING. It’s annoying I know. I annoy myself sometimes for being so positive.

But you should meet Mayi-zilla. She ain’t this cheerful. She’s hangry. Whiney. Bitchy. And likes to stay in her pajamas all day to avoid sunlight + any contact with the human species.

Whenever I go Mr. Hyde on my Dr. Jekyll I have a list of go to activities that make me feel the best feelings in the world.

These are a few of my favorite things (said in song like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music):

Now it’s your turn.

Share with me your list of favorite things in the comments or social media @mayicarles.

PS: Special thanks to my mom-in-law for this weeks outfit, sponsored by her lovely store @inmotionboutique


  1. I feel like we have very similar favorite things! 🙂

    Another favorite thing of mine is cuddling my puppies and I really love getting messy creative just because (with no agenda).

    You’re one of my favorite people, Mayi!

  2. Of course your videos are part of my favorite things. See you and listen what you have to tell us is the best thing of my weeks. ahhh fridays…

  3. Hi, I need to Write down my favourite things cause I think I have never thought about them. Thank you Mayi for Make me think about this.

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