Wanna Win An Argument? Any Argument? Here’s How!

If you like winning, this video is for you.

Question: How do you win at life? Tell me in the comments.

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Video: @visufilmspty
Make Up: @marilia.sena


  1. How do I win at life?…Ponerse metas es un comienzo, mostrar a otros que no eres Doña Perfecta, a la gente le encanta ver que de vez en cuando fallas…y hay que contarlo, la perfección no existe, no creerse perfecta es otro aspecto. Tener inquietudes en la vida, es importante. Ver a mis hijos y pensar que he hecho un buen trabajo porque son buenas personas. …y son las 12 de la noche y no tengo mas capacidad de pensar…jeje….Translation for the no latinos. To set yourself some goals, I think that´s a start. To show your friends you are not Mrs Perfect, perfection doesn´t exist and your friends love to see that every now and then you´re also vulnerable and they love to hear it. To be eager to learn, that´s very important and one of the most important for me, see my two children, now adults and think I´ve done a good job because they are very good people….Thats it Dear Mayi. Love you all.

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