We’re Having A Crazy Pants Weekend Sale!

Fancy drink. CHECK!

Yummy treat. CHECK!

Dance party. Oh yeah! CHECK!

Credit cards ready to shop the hottest promo of the year. CHECK!

Click play to find out more.

Want it? Get it right here! Or keep reading for more details.

So what is this Half-Day Prep Party all about? Think the red carpet of the B-School Oscars.

We’re gonna spend an entire morning together getting pumped for B-School – day dreaming, vision boarding, goal setting, break dancing, and more!

On March 6th we’ll kick things off at 9AM EST with a “Wouldn’t It Be So Cool…” game – a chance to consider all the crazy pants things that are possible when you remove “what will they think” or “oh! but I could never do that” from your vocabulary. We’ll show you exactly how we think larger than life, while also avoiding lottery fantasies and parking the fear of being a fraud.

At 10:00AM EST, we’ll take a short break for snacks, and finishing your home(fun)work, cuz it’s possible to take over the world on an empty stomach, said no person ever.

At 11:30AM EST, we’ll meet back up to share our big audacious goals. We’ll help you put into words and images what you really want and where you want to go, so you can make a declaration and send that message loud and clear to the Universe (and to your subconscious who takes things very seriously by the way).

When you join B-School you make a life-changing decision. You and your business will never be the same. We want to celebrate that commitment to excellence with you, and set you off on the right foot, just like any Mama Bear would on her kids first day of school.

We’ll wrap up our Prep-Party at noon with our best kept secrets to crushing B-School like total girl bosses. After all, we did get invited to speak about our biz transformations at Marie Forleo’s event in New York, and made it to the B-School grads success stories list.

Of course the grand finale will involve some dorky dancing. You can help us pick the song!

Click here to be a part of this very special Prep Party! Remember offer expires THIS Sunday at midnight.

(Oh! And If you already joined B-School though us you ALSO get this extra bonus. SURPRISE!!! We luv you too.)

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